Threats To Our Health

Control Through Criminalizing The Innocent

This time I have another very shocking video for you to see.

I saw this today on the weekly news broadcast of the 700 club called News Watch which can be watched at .

Today they had a very shocking documentary titled, “A Nation Of Criminals”. The US government system is evolving through greed to the point that is becoming an oppressive dictatorship that has already deliberately imprisoned thousands of innocent people of recent without due process.  For example, in the documentary you will see how a man was driving his vehicle and was forced off the road violently with government agents having machine guns pointing right at his head and put into jail without knowing what he had done wrong. His crime was that he unknowingly put the wrong kind of sticker on a parcel which had nothing dangerous in it. This is just one case and I have not told half of  horror of this case. You will see many other very shocking examples of what is happening. One thing they do not share in this documentary that I did see on is about Cass Sunstein who is a Marxist and unelected Czar in the Obama administration whose office is to make these terrible regulations to criminalize innocent people without due process. His wife is one of the closest advisors to Obama and helped organized the flotilla that went against Israel. Below is one of many videos about who Glenn Beck says is one of the most dangerous men in America.