David James Thomson is now the author of “Afterlife Incredible Irrefutable,” “Afterlife Incredible Irrefutable” is highly referenced and evidence-based and includes as a Kindle ebook many live links to exact time locations in online videos which in print are also by name title. This book is hard to stop reading because of the many detailed interesting Afterlife testimonies that are often accompanied by thorough deductive analysis and insightful explanations. Afterlife eyewitness accounts are thoroughly pursued by those from many persuasions of belief and background in pursuit of the truth.

There is also fascinating secondary evidence that points to superior ultra-real permanent realms and God from many other fields of science in the first two chapters. Some examples are mathematical evidence from particle physics, new discoveries that totally devastate the theory of evolution, NASA experiments on the Afterlife, discoveries such as the Red Sea crossing, the giving of the Ten Commandments at the real Mount Sinai, and the real discovery of the Ark of the Covenant which is being kept secret by the Israeli government. Far more thorough answers are given to some of the hardest questions on life after death with a better understanding than the typical Afterlife bestseller books.

Some very detailed eyewitness accounts of heaven are thoroughly described and compared with each other about heaven from the testimonies of those highly confirmed to have been dead for a long time. There are also many other very interesting detailed accounts of those that have experienced many other different kinds of realms besides heaven and hell.

Prophetic near-death experiences from those who claim they saw the future are described in detail from Jewish, Christian, Baha’i, and New Age beliefs with thorough deductive analysis and insightful answers. It thoroughly pursues the Afterlife eyewitness accounts of those from many persuasions of belief and background in pursuit of the truth. There are also many very interesting detailed descriptions of life after death by those who describe very different realms besides the detailed descriptions of heaven and hell. There are also many life-after-death detailed testimonies that support the very strongest scientific empirical evidence from the testimonies of those who have described in detail what doctors and others were saying and doing while they were known to be dead by witnesses and medical equipment.

What the truth could only possibly be is clearly defined in the most integral scientific way and is the standard that should only be used to expose deception and confirm the truth regardless of background or religious belief. In this regard, this book is also written from a Christian perspective that just so happens to conform to the most integral definition of truth. It is very thorough to expose the many deceptions that some have fallen into from their misinterpretation of life-after-death experiences that tend to negate ultimate meaning and destiny in heaven. This in turn gives a united understanding that is only what could make sense of the very different afterlife experiences.

Far more thorough answers are given to some of the most challenging questions on the Afterlife with a better understanding than the typical Afterlife bestseller books. Why all the different experiences according to what one believes? Why do some who have entered the Afterlife believe in reincarnation? Why do some conclude you can live any way you want without consequence – and the list goes on? The last two chapters of the twenty chapters give great understanding and insight to the hardest questions. Chapter 19 has a very amazing video taken on the scene and there is also a link to a documented historical event where God was revealed to a savage head-hunting tribe before they were ever exposed to any Christian or Jewish civilization since the beginning of history.



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