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Bio-identical Hormones

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Bio identical hormone therapy is used by many, if not all, of the medical doctors that have graduated from the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine which has graduated over 12,000 doctors of which many are MDs. These hormones are identical to the hormones that your body produces naturally which is why they are called bio-hormones. For this reason drug companies cannot get a patent on them which means that they cannot make significantly large profits. The big drug companies therefore produce what are known as synthetic hormones which have completely different molecular structure than the hormones that your body produces naturally. Synthetic hormones which are used by the typical medical doctor that has been trained in a drug paradigm mindset have been shown to have very bad side effects including increasing the risk of cancer.


On the other hand, there is significant evidence that bio-hormones have reduced the risk of cancer and cause a significant biological age reversal criteria. There are 3 main bio-identical hormones that have very significant health benefits to both men and women. In the case with women there are also other hormones such as estrogen and progesterone that are very important. Every woman that has blood testing to discover her hormone profile will be very unique so that out of 1000 women each profile would be unique. In the case with men, this is not so significant.

HGH is produced synthetically but is bio identical because it is identical to the growth hormone molecule that your body naturally produces. There has been over 1000 clinical trials on human growth hormone which means this hormone has been studied more than any drug. All these clinical trials give clear evidence of very significant biological age reversal criteria of up to 20 or more years when consistently taken over a period of 6 months to a year. Basically HGH increases IGF – 1 so that it reaches its highest peak in the 3rd month and as a result significant age reversing changes begin to take place. The main thing that happens is that all organs begin to grow back towards the size of when one was around 20 years younger and with better function.

This basically includes all organs such as the skin, the heart, the lungs, the brain, and even your bones become more solid and strong when HGH is taken for a period of a year or more. bio-identical testosterone is a bio- identical hormone that is also very important to restore your youth. It used to be believed that increasing Testosterone levels increased the risk for prostate cancer, but now there is very strong evidence from some of the most authoritative sources in the medical field. This comes from a book written by experts at Harvard Medical School titled, “Testosterone for Life ” which reveals clear evidence that this is not the case. Yes, even ladies need testosterone when they notice that under their arms they are getting flabby. If you begin to grow a mustache so that you need to shave-so what! I’m sure your boyfriend would not mind that much! I am just kidding. Testosterone does not only take away the flabby muscles on the outside of one’s body but also has the same effect on all your internal organs. The heart is especially vulnerable to lower testosterone levels which makes it more susceptible to heart disease and degradation. Studies reveal a far higher mortality rate in those people that have low testosterone levels of both men and women. DHEA is the other very important bio identical hormone which is known as the master hormone of the body. Again there is the fear that this hormone can contribute to a greater risk of prostate cancer but clinical studies show that the risk of prostate cancer is significantly increased almost completely in relation to an unhealthy diet. If one has a healthy antiaging diet then there is certainly no concern that you might have any significant increase in the risk of cancer because of increasing DHEA.

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