What helps heal your body is when you are proactive with your health to live a healthy lifestyle with eating and exercise and with the proper intake of anti-aging products and bio identical hormones. This site not only has videos with specific information on natural cures and products to help heal your body from specific diseases but also to help heal your body from aging itself which is the overall root cause behind all diseases. Aging was once viewed as the inevitable by the medical community. Top medical doctors and scientists that are on the cutting edge of research now view aging as a treatable disease. The process of aging creeps up gradually and subtly with its web strands of death that one hardly notices until they find themselves trapped in a decrepit state of helplessness with dementia or some other kind of crippling disease. It is sad that many these days focus their entire lives and even burn themselves out on mere material gain in the form of pleasures, a new house or new car to the neglect their health. They end up feeling helpless and humiliated in a life of pain with expensive hospital bills, and if they had been proactive with their health they would have a high quality of life. It is like the old adage of the frogs that didn’t know they were being baked alive until it was too late. There needs to be an urgency to wake ourselves up from the mesmerizing drunken influences of temporal pursuits and look at those values that are enduring – especially that we are right with God and have eternal life through Jesus Christ. Enduring physical quality of our well-being is even more urgent in light of some very amazing anti-aging breakthroughs that will be a reality in 10 to 15 years. You see, medical knowledge is increasing at such a rapid rate that according to some experts it will be 16 times greater every 10 years. A top genius and inventor who often visits Bill Gates and who has special expertise in the medical realm by the name of Ray Kurzweil spoke at a conference in 2007. He said that longevity trends are celebrating so fast that in about 15 year life expectancy will increase more than one year for each year that passes. This means that if you can live a healthy life for the next 15 years your life expectancy could be indefinitely long. You can go to . In the magazine section at their site read the December 2007 issue titled “Can Humans Attain Physical Immortality?” where you can read the full article for yourself.

To be proactive with your health first thing you should do is find a good anti-aging medical doctor in your area. You can do this by going to . This is the website of the American Academy Of Anti-aging Medicine which has graduated well over 12,000 medical doctors in anti-aging medicine. First you’ll need to get your blood work done and that could cost a bit because it probably will not be covered by the government. A genuine medical doctor that is an expert in anti-aging medicine will never give you synthetic hormones which can have bad side effects and increase the risk of cancer. Rather, they will give you bio identical hormones which are identical to those in your human body and cannot be patented by drug companies. For this reason they are far cheaper than synthetic hormones and do not have the bad side effects that so many medical doctors give especially to women these days. It is especially important with women that they get blood work done because if there are 1000 women each of their hormone profiles will be very unique and different far more so than with men.