My Surprising Weight Lifting Results with this Anti-Agng Sleep Machine

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The most surprising experience for me was doing a particular stomach exercise on my three weight training days. I was already very good at this particular exercise in which I would set the workout unit to the maximum weight without adding the option of an extra ten pounds and had achieved a consistent 40 reps probably for a year or more. On the third day of using the EarthPulse Sleep on Command I was amazed to discover I was able to do a full 46 reps and through the next four times over a week an a half this went up to 54 reps and then around 4 days later up to 60 reps. This exercise where in a sitting position I push my chest down against the padded bar to raise the weights is very torturous and hard to do at 60 reps.

I would always breathe very heavy after doing 60 reps for the first 2 minutes and would not do the next set until 3 minutes. After doing this for around 2 years at 60 reps using the EarthPulse Sleep on Command because it was so torturous, I decided to add on the extra ten pounds to reduce the number of repetitions. At age 67 as of October 2017 I have been consistently achieving 42 to 43 reps with the extra ten pounds making it 230 pounds . Other weight training exercises were not as significant with an increase of only about 2 reps such as bench pressing heavy dumbbells of 85 pounds in each arm for 8 reps instead of 6 or 7 reps. Now at age 67, after going on a three day fast in September 2017 without food or any liquid, I am only able to do a maximum of 80 pounds. However, I am getting a bit stronger and believe this is gradually coming back to again achieve 85 pounds. This particular extreme stomach exercise has remained the same even after this fast. It seems to me, from what I observe of other older people working out in the fitness club and also myself, that the inner muscles like the stomach continue to remain just as strong but the more outward muscles like the shoulders loose more strength and flexibility.  The dumbbells before the fast is still more than a ten percent increase which is significant with using the EarthPulse sleep on Command.


Significant Lung Capacity, Cardiovascular, Strength (20%), and Endurance (40%) Improvement 

Another benefit that is very noticeable by everyone is the tremendous increase in energy and ability to have greater lung capacity to breathe as when singing, holding one’s breath underwater and in high intensity aerobic exercise. I noticed this from my habit of drinking 32 ounces of water without taking a breath. Before using the EarthPulse Sleep on Command this was somewhat more arduous but now I drink this with ease and hardly any noticeable difference in breathing after. I also noticed this because each week I am in the habit of singing hymns and other songs in a church I attend.

I found it pleasantly surprising and very noticeable that within about a week or less after using the EarthPulse sleep machine I was able to hold a note singing with a loud voice for a significantly longer period of time and with far greater ease. I also do Progressive Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion exercise known as P.A.C.E. I do this by running up a steep hill or slant as fast and hard as I can for 35 seconds from start to finish and then walking for 3 minutes and repeating this 5 times. This takes less than 20 minutes and is far superior in results to a ten kilometer run. After using the Earth Pulse Sleep on Command I noticed that I was not breathing as hard after each sprint and that it became easier to do. One of the most outstanding benefits with the Earth pulse sleep on command is in the area of endurance which can go up to 40% within a few short weeks. You will be able to hold your breath at rest between 5 and 10% longer after the 1st or 2nd night and your eye hand motor synchronization will be considerably improved. It will raise saturated blood oxygen by 2 to 5 % where it is depressed and various athletic testimonies reveal strength is increased by 20 percent and endurance by 40%.


Sold Scientific Proofs with a 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

 In fact those who purchase the EarthPulse Sleep on Command are given a free shipping rebate if they record how long they can hold their breath while still at rest and also other physical improvements over 90 days. You can look at the most recent results of those who have mailed them in at . I was to busy to bother doing this myself to get the rebate. I looked at one of these many filled out forms online which I picked at random. This one showed a resting-breath-hold of 96 seconds at day one which went put to 141 seconds by Day 90. These many athletic performance enhancement results are near that of steroids without the risk of bad health side effects and legal risks of breaking the law. Additionally, there is a 90 day satisfaction guarantee on purchase of the EarthPulse Sleep on Command in which the Manufactures’ website states, “If our Magnetic Field technology and methods fail to satisfactorily enhance sleep and mental & physical performance within 90 days, please return it for full refund.”