This last Friday, September 24, 2021, I discovered 2 people that I knew really well that passed on from this life to heaven. The next day I was told of someone else that I knew who was a close friend to my sister.  Roy Ingbre and Pastor Dowbush  died of Covid and I’m not certain about Cliff Neyedli who had an unusual blood disorder. I also know of some friends that I see at least once or twice a month now suffering from Covid and very sick. Why in the world did it take me this long to do a little research to find natural alternatives that are just as effective and possibly more effective than hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

I discovered that quercetin is a powerful natural alternative equivalent to ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.1 I had also read an article recently at that described a new product that was far more powerful than quercetin. The name of this new product is Fisetin. The Life Extension Foundation had developed Fisetin so that it was 25 times more absorbable and thus effective than basic Fisetin. The name of their product is bio-Fisetin and as a member I only pay $10.00 US for 30 capsules and you are only supposed to take one a day. I knew that quercetin wasn’t that effective to stop inflammation in the lungs so I did some research and discovered that the limited research done with fisetin reveals that it is effective to stop inflammation in the lungs.2

You can purchase Bio-Fisetin at The other very very important things you should be taking to protect against Covid and to fight it is selenium, high dozes of vitamin C and vitamin D not higher for average weight than 5000 IU. 

I also discovered another site that gives a list of natural alternatives that were used before hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin against certain inflammatory diseases such as malaria.3 
Here is the list.

  1. Sweet Wormwood
  2. Cinchona Bark
  3. Remijia Bark
  4. Macassar fruits
  5. Guduchi
  6. Ylang Ylang
  7. Tree of Heaven

I hope you have joined which probably most Christians in the US have joined. Here is a video link to top Medical Experts on this at


Here is one picture of our dear brother and friend in Christ, Cliff Neyedli

Cliff Neyedli

Here is a picture of my friend Roy Ingbre from Langley Christian Life Assembly

Roy Ingbre

Roy Ingbre

Here is a picture of my sister Frances with Pastor Dowbush

Pastor Dowbush

Here is a picture of my sister with her husband who suddenly went to be with the LORD on September 18th around 7:30 AM. He was in good health and good shape with no signs of health problems. When your artery plugs above the heart you instantly drop your physical body into the ultra real permanent realm and enter heaven when your are a genuine Christian like Richard was. 

Richard and Frances Aspenlind

1. “Hydroxychloroquine vs Ivermectin vs Quercetin: What Are the Differences?” Accessed September 27, 2021.

2. Peng, Hui-Ling, Wen-Chung Huang, Shu-Chen Cheng, and Chian-Jiun Liou. “Fisetin Inhibits the Generation of Inflammatory Mediators in Interleukin-1β-Induced Human Lung Epithelial Cells by Suppressing the NF-ΚB and ERK1/2 Pathways.” International Immunopharmacology 60 (July 2018): 202–10.

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