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Three Cellular Breakthroughs To Reverse Aging

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If the thoughts of how aging occurs or if is it possible to reverse age, have ever crossed your mind, then the scientists have found the answer to your questions. The answer is a mitochondria, a cellular powerhouse that produces energy. Scientists have found that deterioration of mitochondria is the primary cause of aging and as a root cause a significant key source to discover how to turn back aging.

Importance of Mitochondrial and Theory of Aging ·
Importance of Mitochondria Mitochondria produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and 95% of the cellular energy is provided by ATP. Cellular energy is responsible for powering all the living functions. However, with this energy free radicals are also produced in the body. Free radicals destroy cellular enzymes, disrupt the synthesis of protein, and disturb the RNA and DNA production.
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This results in decay of important tissues and molecules, which in turn results in cellular aging. Free radicals destroy mitochondria due to two reasons: mitochondria don’t possess antioxidant defenses and they are present at the exact point of production of free radicals. This damage to mitochondria results in degenerative and metabolic disorders. The tissues and organs that need more energy are affected the most by dysfunction of mitochondria.


· Theory of Aging
With increase in age three changes in our cells result in mitochondria destruction, which leads to disease and aging:
· Cellular production of two free radicals, superoxide anions and hydrogen peroxide, increases with time. This results in more destruction of mitochondria.
· With aging the production of endogenous antioxidants and activity of free radical-scavengers is decreased. This further adds to the weakening of mitochondria’s defenses against free radicals.
· The damage caused to the mitochondria components and mitochondria DNA over time, results in destruction of mitochondria. This destruction releases more free radicals in our body.
Biologists believe that by monitoring the functionality and number of mitochondria in the body, longevity of that person could be determined.

Three-Step Strategy to turn back aging
· Protect Mitochondria
Research has shown that coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 is a nutrient that is essential for the normal functioning of mitochondria. Therefore, with higher levels of CoQ10 the production and propagation of cellular energy is high. However, when the levels of CoQ10 falls, the dysfunction of mitochondria is increased. Therefore, this ability of CoQ10 to protect mitochondria in the body results in the slowing of the aging process. Research have shown that CoQ10 is a powerful anti-aging nutrient. Research has found that supplementation of CoQ10 results in increased life span and slowing of aging process. CoQ10 also helps body by preventing it from many diseases related to mitochondria. These diseases include mental health disorders, diabetes, lung diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular diseases. Consumption of CoQ10 helps in improving memory and cognitive performance.

· Stimulate Creation of Mitochondria
Latest research shows that pyrroloquinoline quinone or PQQ helps in the generation of new mitochondria in cells that are aging. This is done by activating the genes that improve mitochondrial biogenesis. Before the discovery of PQQ, scientists believed that new mitochondria could be generated only by heavy physical activity or by restricting the calorie intake.
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However, both these options were difficult to follow for aging people. With the discovery of PQQ it’s now easy to control the real cause of aging. Therefore, PQQ is effective anti-aging solution that might result in reverse age process. The reason for this is the ability of PQQ to reverse the decline of mitochondria in the body. As proven before, mitochondria increases the aging process. PQQ is very effective antioxidant and reduces oxidation in the body. PQQ fights the generation of abnormal proteins that helps in reducing the chances of many neurodegenerative diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

· Improve Mitochondria Defense System
Research has shown that shilajit, is highly effective in preserving, revitalizing, and stabilizing CoQ10 in its active state. This results in improving levels of CoQ10 in the body and thus better protection from aging caused due to mitochondria dysfunction. Shilajit has components that act as electron reservoir, the regenerate the electrons lost by CoQ10 and thus resulting in longer activity of this coenzyme. The fulvic acid present in shilajit, helps in protecting mitochondrial membranes from damage of oxidation, and stimulating metabolism of mitochondrial energy.

The theory of aging based on mitochondria functioning suggests that due to the free-radical attack on mitochondrial DNA, the cellular energy generation in the body is reduced and this results in aging. However, research has proved that CoQ10 and PQQ, are two coenzymes that not only protect mitochondria, but also helps in its generation. Consumption of shilajit results in increasing the longevity of CoQ10 and its effects in protecting mitochondria. Therefore, all three combined forms a good strategy to turn back aging in the body as this reverses the root cause of aging.

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