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The Best Sources For Anti-Aging Discoveries

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The vast majority of the public are not aware of the extensive research and the large anti-aging organizations that are discovering and producing cutting-edge natural products. The application of these discoveries and products when properly applied together are able to cause a significant biological age reversal criteria of 20 or more years in the average middle age to older adult and provide powerful disease fighting and reversing solutions. Unlike conventional medicine, their goal is to get at the very root cause of diseases and poor health so that those diseases are prevented in the first place. One of the largest anti-aging organizations in the world is the Life Extension Foundation which consists of many scientists and doctors that are continually doing research and clinical testing that includes the production of cutting-edge natural anti-aging products. They make drugs a last resort and even produce their own drugs which you can buy at a fraction of the normal market cost. A small percentage of drugs do have some significant benefit, but when you take those drugs or any of their own drugs, they will also be able to provide information on the natural products to take with them in order to buffer any negative side effects. You can find them on the Internet at lifeextension.com or lef.org.

It is very much worth becoming a member of the Life Extension Foundation for a good number of reasons. All their products have a significantly reduced price for members. For example, if I order one bottle of Cardio Peak, which is so effective for myself at reducing irregular heart beats or arrhythmia, as a member I pay $27.00 as opposed to $36.00 and if I buy 4 it is only $24 each. Life Extension Special Membership Offer My one year membership costs $75.00 but with that membership I receive $95.00 free of any products that I want to order. As a member I can also call their toll-free number and request to speak to an actual medical doctor to receive some medical advice for free after agreeing to certain legal conditions. Obviously they will provide the very best solutions and make drugs a last resort. If it is necessary for you to take a drug they can provide you with information on the best natural products to take in order to buffer the side effects of any drugs your family doctor has you on. The Life Extension Foundation even produces their own drugs which can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of what the same drug is on the general market. They always make drugs a very last resort over natural alternative solutions do not have bad side effects and provide additional health benefits. The Life Extension Foundation will seek to work with your family doctor in order to provide the best health solutions to improve your longevity and quality of life.

The American Academy of anti-aging Medicine, briefly identified as A4M, is the world’s largest organization of professionals specialized in anti-aging medicine. Annually, they train over 50,000 physicians, health practitioners and scientists and have graduated well over 12,000 Mds in anti-aging medicine. They are a US federally registered 501(c) 3 non-profit organization comprised with a membership of over 26,000 professionals from 120 nations of which 85% are physician’s, 12% are scientists, researchers, health practitioners and 3% are government officials and members of the press and the general public. You can view their two different websites www.worldhealth.net and at www.a4m.com . You can easily find a physician that is one of their graduates in anti-aging medicine by going to their site at http://www.a4m.com/directory.html which will probably be the very wisest investment for you will have made for physical well being. There you can type in your location and the distance in miles away from you to find one of these professional physicians that is a graduate in anti-aging medicine from A4M. On their site at www.worldhealth.net you can join for free to get their longevity magazine. You can watch their video channel with various professional doctors and scientists. They have a whole section there of videos with many tips on how to improve your physical quality of life which is found on the top menu under the link, “anti-aging resources” where you will find the sub-link, “videos”.

I discovered another anti-aging organization through my Md who holds a graduate degree from the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine because she recommended that I order certain products through their website that are hard to get. They are International Antiaging Systems and their website is at www.antiaging-systems.com where you will find products that are very unique. They also carry a good number of drugs that have been found to be very effective at increasing the quality of life, such as particular drugs that effectively increase brain intelligence.

Another absolutely essential source to prevent and fight the many diseases in our modern world and also to contribute towards a powerful biological anti-aging physical revolution is found in Health Sciences Institute ( HSI ) which is online at www.hsionline.com . HSI is very different than the Life Extension Foundation which produces their own products and has their own lawyers and that are often in many legal battles with the FDA. HSI is smaller but on the very cutting-edge of new anti-aging discoveries and products with a team of well over 200 professional MDs and also many scientists and researchers. This involves some of them traveling around the world to discover, investigate, and verify natural anti-aging and disease solutions and products. They are continually doing clinical trials and testing themselves that are in almost all cases revealing natural products that give far better results than drugs. This is especially because they can do the same or better and because they have little or no side effects and also have many additional health benefits. It is because they are on the very cutting-edge of so many new discoveries that they do not produce or sell their own products, even though their research must surely result in companies producing many anti-aging products. This in order to evade the danger of being entangled in legal battles with the FDA or possibly being shut down. Rather they sell very good literature from various books and its encyclopedias of health that they produce as well as from their monthly newsletter which is part of the package when paying for membership. A one-year membership with Health Sciences Institute is only $49 and a two year membership is $75. They always included with these memberships a very valuable free gift which at the time of this writing in 09.2013 includes a valuable encyclopedia that has over 90 natural anti-aging and disease solutions. Membership includes a monthly newsletter that comes in the mail that can also be read online in the membership area of their website as well as special email health alerts. Their special books and their monthly newsletters always contain the websites, toll-free numbers, and other contact information to find and purchase these very powerful and recent natural discoveries. You will discover that you will be aware of far more products that are very effective against specific diseases as well as products that have very powerful anti-aging benefits. The research literature on these anti-aging products in most cases is different and greater in number for specific disease and aging solutions than the products found at other anti-aging organizations like The Life Extension Foundation.

There are also professional anti-aging medical doctors and specialists that have their own individual websites with monthly newsletters and special publications which have done research and present powerful breakthrough discoveries and products. I have discovered a good number of extremely powerful and highly verified anti-aging breakthrough discoveries and products that none of these larger anti-aging organizations have any information on nor such products available. The doctor I came across that was the most impressive for such discoveries is Dr. David Williams who has his website at www.drdavidwilliams.com . This website may turn some people off because it seems to be presenting products for making money more than good information but in actual fact that are links the send you to lots of anti-aging information. I discovered through receiving his Alternatives Newsletter in the mail as well a special publications that Dr. David Williams anti-aging breakthrough discoveries were highly verified and exceptional. Dr. David Williams is a Texan who has really put his boots on the ground when it comes to his pursuit and dedication to bring to you well verified and genuine anti-aging breakthrough discoveries for your far higher quality of physical well-being. He gave up an exceptionally large clinical practice in Texas in 1985. In his research he has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles to all parts of the world and experienced in his travels in pursuit of anti-aging breakthroughs being put in jail twice and also being poisoned twice. In his research Dr. David Williams has stated that over 95% of what he checks out that claims to be an amazing discovery turns out to be bogus. He was the first to discover and promote a whole list of anti-aging breakthrough discoveries that today are known to be powerful and effective. For example, he was the first to promote DMSO, co enzyme Q 10, shark cartilage, garlic, melatonin, ginkgo biloba, feverfew, Saw Palmetto, Chondroitin Sulfate, Isoflavones, Glutathione and the list goes on. He was also was the first to warn against the dangers of HRT, Aspirin, Aluminum, Estrogen, and again the list goes on. When I received his monthly Alternatives Newsletter, I received exceptionally good information and discoveries that I could find anywhere else, such as from these very large anti-aging organizations. For example, I read about Magnetic Molecular Energizer machines and where six of them are located in the United States and also received the link to the website where I could contact them and arrange to use their machine. I also read about all the highly documented clinical data on their healing effects on various injuries and disease conditions. I also read in Dr. David Williams special edition about how we can use the same magnet effects used in these machines on a far smaller scale to encourage the healing capabilities of our bodies. These machines are able to completely heal and restore broken bone within 5 days that normally would take 4 to 6 months. In one of the documented results a 15-year-old boy with a broken tibia which normally takes 4 to 6 months to heal had his broken tibia completely restored and healed within 115 hours under this machine which is 5 hours less than five 24 hour days.

Another professional doctor who is also an Md that gave me information I could not find anywhere else that really made an improvement on my health was from Dr. L Sears whose website is at www.alsearsmd.com . Al Sears has tested athletic runners including twins to prove that his exercise program known as P.A.C.E. that can be done in 15 minutes is far superior in its results than doing a 10 kilometer long distance run. This exercise program, unlike a 10 km run, stresses the heart and lungs so that they grow back to become like that of a far younger person and uses the larger cell muscles in the legs so that they become stronger and thicker and causes of far greater loss of fat.