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Healthy Heart Solutions Against Arrhythmia

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Arrhythmia and Coronary Artery Blockages and Treatments
Heart disease is a primary avoidable cause of premature death and it appears that the battle against it is being lost. Statistics indicate that in 2005, of the 292,214 death certificates in America, heart failure was the cause of 1 out of 8 deaths. Nevertheless, there are some promising solutions revealed in this article to assure a youthful heart as you age.

Coronary Artery Disease
Coronary heart condition occurs when the main arteries which provide blood to the heart muscle narrow. As days go by, those arteries get oxidant -damaged, get frequently inflamed as well as lipid-laden and consequently their smaller diameter diminishes the quantity of blood that is able to flow to the be-labouring heart muscle. The constrained blood flow damages the pumping capacity of the cells of the heart muscle. Coronary artery constriction is painful and produces the symptom known as ‘angina’. This pain is usually felt in the chest, abdomen and/or left arm. However, most victims, particularly women who have cardiac ischemia seldom feel any clear symptoms of this condition. The moment a small blood clot obstructs a narrowed coronary artery, it often causes a serious heart attack, and there is absolutely no blood flow to a particular area of the heart muscle. If the damaged location happens to be big enough, it results in either the death or crippling of the victim. The victim survives in case the area that is damaged by a coronary artery blockage is small or if the supply of blood is restored from the neighbouring areas of the heart muscle. However, the victim will have a scar tissue.


Arrhythmias are uneven heartbeats which often occur after or go together with ischemia and reperfusion. In case there is a renewed oxygenated blood flow which is crucial to survival, a fresh surge of pro-oxidant harm to an already debilitated muscle is what results, thus complicating the recovery process. It can also prompt arrhythmias which can be deadly to those patients who basically have a stronger heart, and might have managed to survive the first attack. Although progress has been made in medication, surgery and invention of helpful gadgets, cardiovascular health ailment is still a major killer in America. However, Hawthorn extracts with rich oligomeric procyanidins content have been found to have numerous direct impacts on the heart before, during and after an ischemic occurrence. These helpful actions augment survival despite the challenging laboratory conditions.

Recent studies on the benefits of Hawthorn have shown significant promise assure you a healthy heart. Hawthorn forages normally re-activate oxygen species – ROS – simultaneously improving the natural antioxidant defences of the cells of the heart muscle. Studies have revealed that the coronary blood flow is improved by nearly 70% by hawthorn extract. When there is an incidence of ischemia, hawthorn extracts tend to avert ischemia-reperfusion harm to the cells of the heart muscle through effects of antioxidant as well as by altering the way protective genes are expressed to react to the risk. Those ischemic hearts that were treated before with hawthorn show better performance and fewer areas of dying tissue, decreasing the death rate in animal studies by five times. Although there are a number of theoretical interactions with a healthy cardiovascular system medicines they cannot be compared to the thousands of reports that have been received from patients who have used hawthorn extracts for heart health.

Important facts you should know about hawthorn and arjuna botanical extracts
Most of the harm which causes a healthy cardiovascular system disease comes from old adaptations which have been discarded in the present world.
The two botanical extracts from hawthorn and arjuna neutralize those outdated adaptations gently, effectively and naturally, thereby shielding the heart vessels from oxidation, clotting, inflammation and accumulation of fat. Whether used singly or combined with conventional heart drugs, these botanicals provide better cardiac coordination, improved function and reduction in mortality.

Reinforcement of the heart muscle
Hawthorn has the reputation of being a cardiatonic which comes out of research which show an ailing human heart muscle’s increase in contractile force after the administration of the said extracts. Also, parts of muscle from weak human hearts being substituted by transplants react positively to hawthorn treatment, showing a big ‘squeeze-boosting’ effect which is akin to the one produced by digitalis as well as other medications derived from plants. It is advisable for heart patients to think of supplementing with arjuna and hawthorn extracts as part of their cardiovascular preventive treatment as they have been found to be effective in numerous cases. Add all these recent discoveries to a heart healthy diet with heart healthy foods and you will assure yourself the far greater possiblity of a wholesome future as you age.

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